Caron values feedback and always finds opportunities for growth in her practice and teaching. She's humbled by the kind words from her students and colleagues.

Below is a selection of testimonials on what it's like to work with her.

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"I have been practicing yoga for about 6 years and have had a number of teachers throughout my yoga journey. I have been practicing with Caron for about a year now and she is by far one of the best out there. She has a very diverse style, and you can rest assured you will leave her class not only feeling like had an intense physical practice, but also an enlightened mind and soul. She always says something during the course of class that makes you feel like she is speaking to you personally, always something that resonates, always something you needed to hear that day. After taking one of her classes, you’d swear she has been teaching for a decade or longer. She is confident, professional, and most importantly, you can tell she really cares about her students. I will be practicing with Caron for years to come!"

-Britton Pinkham, Certified Sommelier and Key Account Representative | Quality Wine & Spirits


"I have been practicing with Caron for about a year now. Her classes are always some of the most challenging but most rewarding. She has a gift for pushing me physically while nurturing my spirit and inspiring me to new levels on both fronts. Her beautiful, loving soul comes through in each and every class - she shows up every time with her best self and brings the same out in me."

-Jenn Cooper, CMO | World 50


"Caron is the best instructor I've had! With a strong and detailed technical knowledge she also fluidly integrates the mind, body, breath and spirit without getting hokey. She provides a fun environment that teaches you how to connect to your inner being as well as your physical body. Her classes are available for participants of all levels. I brought my boyfriend with me to one of her classes and he absolutely loved it, despite being skeptical about yoga. Now we attend Caron’s class every week! I highly recommend Caron if you are looking to develop your practice and take it to the next level, she’s the best!"

-Jessica Hayes, Manager, Travel Services | BBDO Worldwide


" I practiced at Active Sol for several years before Caron arrived in March of 2015. Her power class was scheduled right before Ashtanga and I decided to try it as a warm up to Ashtanga. Well, needless to say it wasn’t long before her Power Hour replaced Ashtanga altogether. Caron has a unique flavor of yoga with lively fun filled classes that will push your endurance limits. Her fast-paced routines build generous amounts of heat and work every muscle in the body. Her class stands alone atop the core building chart and has strengthened my core and my entire practice. I am pleased to say my abs haven’t been this strong since I was in school! The best testament to her class comes from another instructor who told me she thought she had a strong core, until she took Caron's class! And that really describes it best; she has raised the bar on core-strengthening while keeping the class fun and interesting with unique sequences and her cheerful manner. I still want to know how she manages to talk and smile during boat pose while I grind my teeth holding on for dear life! Her spiritual readings also are a welcome glimpse at the much deeper meaning of the physical practice. Savasana is undoubtedly my favorite pose and in no other class is it more welcome! When I sprawl out on that mat and floor, I know that I have earned it! I'm thankful to her for sharing her practice with us. She's the best. Namaste."

-R. Clay Smith, Research Director | RCS Educational Foundation, Inc.



"Caron is passionate about helping others find joy and love through the practice of yoga. Her positive energy is inevitably felt by all those who come in contact with her!"

-Christine Reppa, Founder | Noya Yoga


"Caron is such a phenomenal teacher, and the peaceful, kind energy she brings to every class helps inspire me in my practice. Through the few months that I've been practicing with Caron, I've noticed a vast change in my abilities and improvements in my postures. Not only has my physical ability improved, but Caron's energy has helped to bring a better spiritual and emotional focus to my practice."

-Erin Cordell, Student | Kennesaw State University 


"Every time I take a class with Caron, I can feel her passion and her dedication to yoga coming through. Her classes are high energy and I love the fact that she truly encourages each one of us to go deep and find our edge. I always feel a good balance of being challenged yet supported!"


-Margaret Schwenke, Eating Psychology Counselor/Weight Loss and Management Coach | TRU Integrative Health and Wellness, LLC


"When I started taking Caron's classes over a year and a half ago, I had just started practicing yoga again after several years of general inactivity. Caron immediately got me hooked on my practice again with her positivity, enthusiasm, and intense workouts. I really appreciate how she gives encouraging feedback and adjustments and always pushes me to test my limits. I am now so much stronger and more energetic, and I look forward to growing my practice with her every week."

-Chelsea Bakalar, Teacher | Ivy Prep Academy